Meet The Elite: Norma G, NC Triangle

MTE Norma G

Welcome to Meet The Elite, where we let you in on the lives of some of our top community members. Today we meet Norma G, a Yelp Elite since ’13 with a whopping 182 reviews and counting.


Why did you start yelping? 

I’m a long time Yelp follower, and rely on it to make my dining/spending decisions. Five years ago I decided “Hey I can do this” and started to share my opinions with the Yelp world.
Why is it “Sweet to be Elite”?

Our reviews are respected, we get to hang with the coolest Triangle peeps, the Elite events are fabulous and we stay “in the know” on the tasting tips in town!

What’s your favorite Yelp memory?

That’s a tough one. Yelp’s Train-Cation was awesome (Elites from the Triangle, Triad and Charlotte took the Amtrak to a vineyard and spent the day eating, drinking wine and enjoying live music.).

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What’s your favorite local biz?

The Wine Feed. I’m a wine member, and look forward to my monthly wines, classes, tastings, and love relaxing there with a bottle and friends. If you’re a wine lover, you need to check them out!
What’s your dream Yelp event?

Spending the day at a 5 star spa!
Why should someone visit the Triangle?

We have it all! Scenery, delicious eats, plenty of entertainment and friendly people! Plus you can’t go far without running into a food truck or craft brewery.

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Why should someone read your reviews?

I strive to make every meal delicious. Life’s too short for a two star dinner.

Describe your ideal day in the Triangle.

Massage, brunch and then an afternoon sipping bevvies on a patio, followed by an evening at DPAC.


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