Meet the Elite: Jess L, Hartford, Connecticut

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JessLWelcome to Meet The Elite, where we let you in on the lives of some of our top community members. Today we meet Jess L, a Yelp Elite since ’09 with a whopping 3510 reviews and counting.  

Why did you start yelping?

When I moved to the Boston area in 2008, I was eager to get to know my new neck of the woods very quickly. I used Yelp to tell me what places to check out, but I also found that writing reviews was a great way to remind myself about my experience and what to order next time. Also, I have found Yelp Talk helpful when I’ve moved to other parts of the country, including Hartford.

Why is it “Sweet to be Elite”?

LakeCompounceBeing Elite has lots of perks. I’ve been able to do some very fun things during Yelp Elite events, including ride a rollercoaster, try local beer, see a performance at the theater, and laugh at a comedy show. It’s also been a great way to learn the history of certain establishments in the area. Not to mention, it’s been awesome meeting fellow Yelp Elites and sharing experiences and tips. In fact, I’d say some of my closest friends in Hartford are people I met at Yelp Elite events.

What’s your favorite Yelp memory in Hartford?

There have been many, but one of my favorites was actually my first event at The Claypen in December 2014. It was a small group painting pottery with wine and snacks, and a great way to meet people and be creative at the same time. I have a yellow and blue spoon rest for my stove now, and I think about that event often!

What motivates you to write?

It depends! If it’s a new business, writing is an opportunity to provide positive feedback and visibility. If I had a particularly out-of-character experience (at least per other reviews), I like providing my point of view to warn potential customers or suggest that they do something differently than I did, like sitting somewhere else or ordering a different item. If it’s a business that I can’t stop thinking about, that’s a super knock out, I definitely try to write as soon as possible and add all the juicy details.

What’s your favorite local biz?

This is tough, but especially given the season, I have to give it up for Beckett Farms. They have an awesome community supported agriculture (CSA). Their veggies and fruits are abundant, and they gather and publish recipes, which are useful during those times when I have no idea what to do with blue hubbard squash, sorrel, or a ton of apples. The team there is super responsive if I need to change my day of pick-up or have a question. They also hold a few fun community events as well.

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