Korean Fusion Night at Omotesando


7月のエリートイベントはYelp Tokyo初のフュージョン料理イベントでした。

This month, we held Yelp Tokyo’s very first fusion cuisine restaurant!



What is fusion cuisine? There’s no absolute definition for fusion cuisine, but it is mainly referred as the cuisine that combines elements of different culinary traditions. It’s a new wave of dining that is hitting the gourmet world with their innovative approach in constructing new flavors, looks, and stories to existing local dishes.


伝統的な韓国料理を新しい手法や他国の料理と組み合わせることによって新しい体験を提供するCosari New Korean Table Tokyoは日本でもまだ数少ないフュージョン料理のパイオニア。Cosariの取締役・野菜ソムリエの大城さんいわく、「世界に通用する韓国料理店を作りたい」その思いから生まれたお店がCosariだそうです。

Cosari New Korean Table Tokyo is one of the pioneers of Fusion Cuisine in Japan. “Cosari started out of my desire to launch a Korean Restaurant that can reach the world” says Shige Oshiro, CEO and Vegetable Sommelier of Cosari New Korean Table Tokyo.



As Yelpers walked in through the door, Elites were given a drink ticket to swap with Makgeolli beer or fruit flavored Makgeolli. After making a couple of new friends, they were given a second round of drinks that included traditional Korean corn tea and pear juice.



Cosari served a wide selection of dishes during the event, starting off with the very traditional Kimbap and Japchae. Then, Cosari brought out their fusion cuisine including the very rare Black Toppogi, chijimi covered in Japanese sakura shrimp, and NY style kalbi with a hint of rosemary. On top of that, Cosari staff explained that none of their dishes use MSG, providing a natural and healthy meal.


食後にはYelp Japan代表のトモ TとCosari代表のシゲさん(大城さん)のトーク。韓国料理における野菜や健康へ対する考え、新しい品のアイディアの源、今回のイベントには出さなかったオススメの品などを紹介していただきました。その中でも気になるのがチョコレートチヂミや黒サムゲタン。

The event transitioned into an interview with Shige-san about the difference in how Koreans view vegetable and health, his source of inspiration for new dishes, and examples of other dishes that customers can try at Cosari such as the chocolate chijimi and the black soup samgyetang.



To finish the night off, new elite members were awarded with a thank you card from the Tokyo staff and Yelp’s brand new water bottle. Looking forward to your future reviews!



The party keeps going in July, so RSVP soon if you’re interested in any of these events:

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【Ladies Only】Shu for Ladies×Yelp Japanese Sake Tasting Event


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【Yelp Social】Yelp Tokyo Curry Club


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