Brunch Club at Garvie & Co


We headed to the fabulous Garvie & Co. for a super special Brunch Club – not only we were treated to a delicious meal but also heavenly smoothies, a design-your-dream-brunch competition as well as a Sunday Kitchen omelette challenge! Firstly, we browsed the lush menu featuring favourites like eggs benedict, French toast as well as full breakfasts – both a traditional version as well as veggie.

It was then up to the staff of Garvie & Co to deliberate over the brunch competition and they chose Cecilie C with her Italian baked eggs recipe. Then it was time for the omelette challenge where we all got to cook an omelette as fast as possible – with the requirement that it also be edible! Congratulations to Sharon M who won in just 59 seconds – even beating the chef!

Read all the reviews, check out the photos and pay Garvie & Co a visit yourself.