Yelp at Pride: Marching with Love

Yelp Pride New York

Rainbow flags flew, strangers exchanged hugs and kisses, confetti rained down from the sky — what a day to rejoice and celebrate our pride in San Francisco and New York. Though we marched on different coasts, thousands of miles apart, we were connected by a common goal. Outfitted in Yelp Pride shirts spanning every color of the rainbow, our excitement to participate in the parades couldn’t be controlled. The endless amount of glitter, enthusiasm, and Yelp party favors — we’re looking at you, Rainbow Burst Flag — got us going! Needless to say, our energy lent itself well to the celebrations in the street.

Last year, on the heels of the Supreme Court decision supporting marriage equality, Pride celebrations erupted in an outpouring of joyousness and euphoria, bringing thousands of people to San Francisco from around the globe to celebrate the life-changing decision. The festivities epitomized triumph. This year, however, served as a reminder of how far the LGBTQ community still has to go in the fight for equality. We celebrated Pride against a foreboding backdrop of hate and ignorance, but this black cloud didn’t prevent the sun from breaking through or stop the celebration. If anything, the revelry reverberated more loudly than ever with love and support. This year we marched not as a company — not as coworkers and fans of Yelp — but as people from all walks of life marching as one. And march we did, in celebration of what makes us all human: love.

Big thanks to OUTburst — a Yelp LGBTQQIA Employee Resource Group — for organizing this incredible, collaborative event. We’ve got tons of Yelp Employee Resource Groups founded by passionate people who want to evoke social change or open a dialog about causes close to their hearts, like Awesome Women in Engineering or Yelp Parents. Find out more about the Yelp experience at #OrlandoStrong #YelpPride2016

Yelp Pride 2016 SEVEN