EatAbout: Yelp London Experience A New Dining Alternative…

Eat about 1

Imagine visiting a top chef’s home and having them cook for you. No, seriously, this is now a thing and the founders of EatAbout, Felix and Philip, invited a group of 10 lucky Yelpers into their home to discover and tuck into this new, unique and wonderful experience.

Ronald T: “A very different concept, you don’t go to the restaurant to get the chef’s food, you go to the chef’s house!!!”

EatAbout is your own private restaurant in the home of a chef, bringing you closer to your food than ever before. The group arrived with highly quizzical faces – “we’re actually in someone’s home?”, “this is unusual”, and, of course, “how exciting!”

Juno J: “By far one of the best Yelp events I have been to thus far! EatAbout is such a fun concept and it is a nice alternative to going out.”

We were asked to take our seats as Felix and Philip introduced themselves and told us what we were to expect throughout the evening.

Kariss A: “The chefs and owners were so friendly, it banishes any worries of this being awkward right away, and throughout the meal this created a European family atmosphere, with lots of relaxed chatting and sharing.”

We were treated to an evening filled with laughs, a fantastic four-course meal and the inspirations behind the menu and how the food landed on your plates.

If you’re looking for an alternative and completely different night out with a group of your friends, the EatAbout experience is for you!

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