Military Discounts Now Searchable on Yelp

As part of this year’s National Military Appreciation Month, Yelp Community Managers created Yelp Salutes Our Troops, a campaign to identify and highlight local businesses looking to show their appreciation for, and connect with local military families.

Many military communities are eager to support local businesses that offer military discounts, but it wasn’t always easy to find that information…until now. We’re excited to announce that you can now search Yelp to identify businesses that offer military discounts!

Hundreds of businesses across the nation, from doggy day cares to nail salons, responded to our call-to-action by sharing their military discounts with Yelp. We put together handy lists in a number of cities across the country featuring some of the best offers to make it easy for Yelpers to show their support. Now, over 30 million members of the U.S. military community have the opportunity to discover local businesses that show their appreciation through a military discount.

YSOT screen shot