Zurich: The little big city

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Welcome to Zurich, the little big city in the heart of Europe. Seated at the foot of Lake Zurich with a stunning view over the snow-covered peaks of the Swiss Alps it is home to great people from all over the world. This gem of a city is famous for it’s stunning beauty, it’s international flair, two world-famous universities, a fabulous bar and restaurant scene, great nightlife and of course a lot of amazing Swiss chocolate. Being a very old city (the Romans have already set foot here) it offers a beautiful range of architecture. Walking through town really gives you an experience of how different times and styles have shaped it’s distinct picturesque look. Add the breath-taking nature that surrounds this place and you get one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

As this week’s host of the glorious World of Yelp Series we are happy to give you a little tour around our beloved city and to show you what a week in the Yelp community looks like.

Our lovely Yelper Katz S. has described Zurich in just one sentence: “We love Zurich for the lake, the badis, the Limmat, the many, many languages spoken here, the weird mix of old and new, the parks and outdoor life, the squares full of cafés and bars, the art and culture, for being completely Swiss and international at the same time.”

Let’s start at the clear blue waters of Lake Zurich, where people can swim, rent a boat, enjoy a drink in one of the many small cafes and restaurants or simply stall along the promenade.

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We go downtown to the old part of the city, called the “Niederdorf” with it’s medieval houses, great bar and restaurant scene and many of Zurich’s most famous buildings.

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From here we go over to the beautiful and famous Grossmünster Cathedral from where you will get a fabulous view over the city if you dare climb the 187 steps to the top of the tower.

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From the Niderdorf you can walk through the Lindenhof, a little park on top of the old city walls, and over to Zurich’s most expensive and luxurious shopping street – The Bahnhofstrasse. 1km long and filled with luxury stores such as Bally, Chanel and Dior and also home to many of the leading Swiss Banks. It is said that Swiss national gold treasure is stored right below this street, which is why it is also often called “gold street” amongst locals.

Despite what many foreigners think, Zurich is not all polished. We also have some down to earth areas like the famous Langstrasse, where many bars and restaurants provide a rich background for clubbers almost every night of the week., and the Escherwyss Area where there is a high density of clubs, theaters, bars, restaurants and one of the biggest cinema complexes in Switzerland.


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Elite Sara S. describes Zurich as follows:

“Zürich is awesome cause it’s a rather small metropolis. And no, it’s not the capital of Switzerland although we Zürich people like to think that it secretly is (sorry Bern). Thanks to its size and the mostly flat areas, people love to cycle here. But also the tram or bus takes you from A to B within no time. A must see during every visit is the beautiful lake. Limmat-Schifffahrt is an inexpensive way to go for a small cruise. Or take the 20 minutes train-ride up our nice mountain.

Of course there’s also yummy food for every taste and budget. Many places even offer vegan options. There’s a great variety in low-key food places starting at Josefstrasse directly next to the main station (also check the side streets). If you follow it, you’ll soon get to the crossing with Langstrasse. This is an authentic but maybe unexpected piece of the city. It proves that it’s not all Disneyland here.”

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Elite Markus L. describes: “Zurich is a city who almost everyone knows – or better think he knows!

But most of the times the thinking is not exactly what Zurich is – yes, there are a lot of banks, chocolate and jewelry but nearly nobody knows all the hidden places, restaurants, bars and so one – and believe me there are tons.

One of the most important things in Zurich is the lake – so beautiful and clean and most of the time very freezing to swim but that doesn’t matter – it’s worth the first moment of going into the cold water!

Besides that you can walk to nearly every spot you’d like to go, because there are not miles to go from one spot to another – or you can pick one of the Trams, which will bring you very comfortable to your spot.

So come and see Zurich not like the “normal” tourist!!! (ask a Yelper if you need some guidance….)”


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We hope you have had a glimpse at what makes our city so unique and beautiful. Pack your bags, book a flight and visit us as soon as you can. And remember, as a Yelper, you have friends in every town!

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