昼からはしご、赤坂見附で粉もんの祭り 〜Yelp Okonomiyaki Matsuri〜

Matsuri 1

Seems like everyone is wearing yukatas, jimbeis, and headbands… Is there a matsuri happening in Akasaka?

そう、今月のエリートイベントは粉もんの祭り」を開催しました!しかも赤坂見附にある築地銀だこハイボール酒場熟成肉お好み焼き囲の二店を昼からはしご?That’s right! This month’s Elite Event was an Okonomiyaki Matsuri at not one, but two of Akasaka’s finest. We went bar-hopping from takoyaki bar Tsukiji Gindako Highball Sakaba to aged beef and okonomiyaki restaurant Kakomu! Now this is what I call Elite-style.

First, we started by tasting a plate of takoyaki and a glass of highball at Gindako’s standing bar! As we headed our way towards Kakomu, we were greeted with a beautiful showcase of wet-aging beef. All the meat-lovers in the house were so happy that some of the Elites started taking selfies with the meat!

Just as we were seated, the Kakomu staff prepared a plate of three different parts of Kuroge Wagyu Japanese beef. The wet-aging process brought a deep flavor and softness that can’t be compared to regular beef.

Matsuri 2

The strength of the restaurant went beyond the tasty aged beef.  The head-chef demonstrated how to make a Kakomu-style Okonomiyaki for us!  By using abundance of cabbage and minimal amount of flour mix, Kakomu’s okonomiyaki results in unbelievable lightness.  To top it off, they use their aged-beef to add more umami.  When grilling, the pile of cabbage had a familiar resemblance to Mt. Fuji.

Matsuri 3

そして祭りと言えば射的!チェックインをした方達にはYelp Sniper Challengeで射撃スキルを披露。上手く的を倒した人たちはYelpのオリジナルグッズを勝ち取っていきました。
You can’t leave a festival without playing some games, so Yelpers who checked-in to the event got to show off their shooting-skills at the Yelp Sniper Challenge!  Everyone who shot-down their target took home an original Yelp merchandise.
最後にイベントのベストドレッサーに選ばれた4名にはOn The Marksの宿泊券をプレゼント!浴衣が似合う日本美女・美男達は写真写りも素敵ですね。
Finally, four best dressers winners were awarded free tickets to stay at On The Marks! The epitome of Japanese beauty was shown off by these Yukata-models!

Matsuri 4

Phew!  What a night!  While Okonomiyaki Matsuri came to a close, Yelp excitement continues; there is gonna be a special announcement as well as another epic event coming up in June, so make sure you keep pressing “refresh” on Yelp Tokyo Event page at least every four minutes.

Don’t forget to check out the photos and reviews of the event!

Special Thanks to:

Tsukiji Gindako Highball Sakaba
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Jukusei Niku Okonomiyaki Kakomu : Yelp / Facebook / Website

Photos by Jun T.