Making It Official! Yelp And The Small Business Administration

Like a budding romance, Yelp and the Small Business Administration are taking things to the next level. You may have known that we’ve been talking for years, but now things are getting pretty serious and we’re making it official. We’ve partnered with the SBA as a member of their new Technology Coalition:

The Small Business Technology Coalition is committed to helping small businesses leverage technology as a core driver of growth and differentiation. That means increasing digital education and training to Launch, Grow, Operate, and Secure their business.

In 2015, 91% of consumers looked online to find a local business. More than 50% of small businesses still don’t have a website. Frankly, you might just not have the time. If your Yelp page is your business’s only online presence, it’s important that you get the most out of it. This partnership is going to help you do just that.

You’ll have webinars, tailored blog content, and resources to help you win in an increasingly digital and mobile world. The first step is going to and finding your business’s listing. Take a second and check out SBA’s website to see all the resources they offer, too.