Yelp Elite Event: Music, Art & Nightscape

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Smooth interior, music in the background, live art painting, & beautiful nightscape photography? There’s a seriously creative vibe coming out of Gaienmae’s Office.  For something this cool, Yelp must be behind it!


This month’s second Elite Event was held at Gaienmae’s Office, located on the junction between Highway 246 and Stadium-Dori, offering a beautiful view of the busy Tokyo street and office buildings. The room was dimly lit to emphasize the light from the cars and buildings.  A huge canvas of Shibuya’s nightscape was set up just in time as the doors opened.

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エリート達が到着次第、今回のイベント限定のYelp Original MojitoをOfficeのスタッフが作ってくれました。DJのMAC ROMANCEさんがスムーズな音楽を流し、イラストレーターの直美さんが今まで仕上げてきた様々なデザインや商品を紹介。店内には雌ライオンの作品や風水をテーマとした作品が飾られていました。締めには金色の傘に東京の風景を描くライブアートを披露。

Elites were greeted with Office’s original Yelp mojito.  As DJ MAC ROMANCE was playing some smooth background music, illustrator and designer Naomi came to present her career as an illustrator and product designer.  She also decorated the room with beautiful portraits of a lioness and feng shui artwork.  She finished her presentation a live-painting performance of Tokyo on a golden umbrella.

Naomi LivepaintCropped


Following Naomi, a professional nightscape photographer and consultant Yuta Nakamura taught Yelpers the how-to’s of enjoying and capturing beautiful nightscapes.  Did you know that the best time to take nightscape photography is 30 minutes after the sunset?  Especially on the weekdays, building lights and car lights are most active and gives life to the scenery.



Out of his experience of taking photos in over 1200 nightscape locations across Japan, Nakamura-san finished his lecture by introducing his Top 10 nightscape spots in the Kanto region.  Photographers and romantics should bookmark these locations (links provided below)!

Best Dressor Rie

今イベントのドレスコードは Something Dark。シックな服装を着てきたYelperたちの中から選ばれたベストドレッサー賞はRie Yさんに。Rieさんにはは直美さんがデザインした傘をプレゼント。

The dress code for the night was “Something Dark”.  With so many good-looking Yelpers in dark clothing, choosing one best dresser was very difficult, but the award went to Rie Y.  She was presented with Illustrator Naomi’s beautifully designed umbrella.


Don’t forget to check out the photos and reviews of the event!

関東ベスト10夜景スポット 中村勇太セレクション
Kanto area’s Top 10 Nightscape Locations selected by Yuta Nakamura

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Special Thanks to:

Yelp / Website

Illustrator 直美
Illustrator Naomi

DJ マックロマンス

Nightscape Photographer and Consultant Yuta Nakamura

Photos by Kenji M

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