Need a New Driver’s License? Find the Best DMV on Yelp

Did you know, in addition to listings for restaurants, mechanics, and many other types of local businesses, there are almost 100,000 public service and government listings on Yelp? You can find useful reviews on everything from passport offices, social security offices, local post offices and even the department of motor vehicles. You read that right: your local DMV is on Yelp.

Yelp encourages state and local government agencies to claim their listings, which means that your review of the local post office or DMV may get a response from the agency itself. It also means that state and local government agencies now have access to insight into their citizen-consumers’ experiences, allowing them to more effectively connect and engage with the millions of people who depend on them everyday.

Last year, Yelp and the US General Services Administration (GSA) negotiated a terms of service agreement that allowed for federal agencies to claim their Yelp listings, use Yelp’s suite of tools to analyze and respond to reviews, and incorporate that feedback for improved customer service. Thanks to our free analytical tools, Yelp has become the go-to platform for local businesses and, increasingly, federal agencies looking to understand and engage their consumers. We’re excited to invite state and local governments to join in.

Through “Yelp for Government,” government agencies have access to the following:

  • A user-friendly platform to view detailed and relevant consumer feedback
  • Insight into consumers’ experiences with an agency’s services they might not have received otherwise
  • An effective way to compare the performances of individual offices
  • The ability to interact and respond to constituents’ reviews and messages
  • Data on what types of people are looking for information on their locations (based on information each user chooses to share)
  • The ability to upload photos and add descriptions of their services

Together, these form a powerful tool that enhances transparency and drives positive change by improving services. As a platform that strives to empower and protect consumers, we hope local and state government agencies will consider Yelp in their efforts to build connections with their citizens.

If you work for a state or local government agency, send an email to to learn how your agency can claim its listings. And, if it’s time for a new (or your first) driver’s license, be sure to check out Yelp to find the best DMV near you!