3 Ways To Leverage Your Yelp Page To Attract More Customers

WhatYelp Review Sharing Screen to attract more customers if there was a way to use your Yelp page to attract more customers who aren’t already looking at you on Yelp? There is!

You work hard to earn your Yelp content. Show it off; it’s a great way to bring in more customers. Here are some free tools to help put Yelp to work for you:

  • Review Sharing: Share your reviews on Facebook, Twitter, or by email
  • Review Badges: Embed a Review Badge in your website to showcase your rating
  • Yelp’s API: For the tech-savvy, use our API to integrate Yelp into your website or app

Wherever they find you, potential customers will be impressed by your great content. It’s as simple as accessing Yelp for Business Owners.


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