Want More Exposure On Yelp? Respond To Your Messages!

Message The BusinessIf responding to your text messages meant more money, would you reply to them all? Yelp’s “Message the business” tool allows you to text your potential customers on Yelp which could mean increased revenue for you and your business!

Recently, businesses in the categories of home and local services, professional services, auto and more, have noticed a significant increase in quote requests sent from Yelp users.

“Message the business” can now be used as “Request a quote”

Yelp now has a “Request a quote” tool. It has the functionality of “Message the business” but is more tailored to the home and local services categories. The results are phenomenal.

Asking for quotes is easier and clearer than ever. Users can even message multiple businesses at once. With your response time now visible, a quick response is really important.

Prompt responses can mean more customers

Your displayed response time encourages Yelp users to contact you at the moment they need your services. Generally, when a business’ response time is under one day, the chances of being contacted significantly increases.

Yelp periodically recommends businesses to users who are looking to submit quote requests to more than one provider. Having a faster response time may result in you being recommended more often. The Yelp For Business Owners mobile app can be a great tool to help you stay on top of responding to your messages.

Mark it as “replied”

You want to make sure you get credit for responding to your messages. When you take the conversation offline (phone calls, email, etc.), make sure you mark the message as “replied” so you can improve your response time. This is a great way to stay on top of your conversations.

To reply to your messages on Yelp, sign into your free Yelp for Business Owners Account either in the Yelp for Business Owners app or at


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