Istanbul: The city that connects Asia to Europe

Istanbul by Gurkan K

Istanbul… the city that connects two continents: Asia and Europe. A city that’s alive 24 hours a day. A city that once you visit you can never forget. The city of passion, love, and authenticity. Our World of Yelp Campaign‘s first stop is in Istanbul, so we wanted to give you a little bit insight about what we do here, what Yelpers love about the city, and what Istanbul is all about.


Ageus T says, “I’ve never seen a more multifaceted city than Istanbul; just going from one neighborhood to another can feel like you’ve entered a different reality. Yes, the mosques and the old city are iconic, but it’s such a monumentally huge city that you can find pretty much anything — a bit of American suburbs there, a pinch of Southern France there, a little Soho there. It’s a city that requires genuine exploration, for Istanbul has it all. I mean, you can even live on an island if you want — what other big city in the world allows you enjoy a quiet, small island life while being in the middle all commerce, technology, education, economy, fashion, and arts?

I’ve been here a while and I’ve yet to explore maybe 30% of the city, and I’m only speaking for the European side, however if I can say with absolute certainly that if you give Istanbul your time, she will reward you handsomely….”

Ageus 3



When we asked our Community members Özcan K, Gürkan K, and Zerrin K what they love about Yelp İstanbul, the answer was the same: “We love being a family. One big international family.”

brunelle yelp elite


For Zerrin K, Yelp is a fun experience. Reviews are informative and photos are cool: “I love photos the most. They cause curiosity. I wanna go and check those venues out. I wanna be in that energy”, she said.


Omer O said that “it’s a great community to start with. So much to explore and great gatherings”. Gürkan K says he loved the last Elite event, at which new Yelpers connected with older Elites, and he loves the updated check-in function with emojis.


Istanbul is an amazing city with so much to offer, so put her in your “top places to see” list, and once you are in Istanbul, don’t forget to give us a shout to have a great local experience.

To see more photos and reviews from Istanbul and add your own, see here. Also, add us as friends and you’ll see that we indeed are one big international family. In the meantime, keep an eye out for the next World of Yelp feature.

From Istanbul with love.