Use Notify Me On Yelp Reservations And Fill Empty Seats

Turn your last-minute cancellations into opportunities with Notify Me, now available for all Yelp Reservations restaurants.

Notify Me allows diners to add themselves to a waiting list when they miss out on their preferred date and time. If that table opens up, they’ll get a text message with an option to book a reservation. Diners have 15 minutes to reply before the next potential diner gets the opportunity to fill the seat!

SeatMe’s New Feature, Notify Me, Turns Cancellations Into Reservations

Restaurants have already been seeing great results. When New England was hit by a snowstorm on Valentine’s Day, Chez Nous saw a flurry of last-minute cancellations. Thanks to Yelp Reservations, they kept the house packed by offering those reservations to other diners — automatically!


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