Tokyo Elite Event at RRR: Meat, Wine, and a bit of Mystery / 東京エリートイベント:肉とワインと小さな謎と

RRR2Yelp Tokyo’s first Elite Event of the year started out with a “bang!”  Yelpers gathered at RRR, a premium Japanese beef restaurant in the middle of Tokyo, at a prime location in Roppongi.  Here, they were treated with an unforgettable drama.  The main role of the drama was of course RRR’s premium quality aged Japanese beef.  Yelpers indulged on a course meal, starting with ham made with aged Kobe beef, followed by sushi made with Kobe beef and trufflle mushrooms.  The climax was char grilled A5 ranked aged Kobe beef.  Some of the Elites were completely overtaken by the delicious taste of RRR’s meal that they did not notice that one of their Elite Squad member was shot by an sniper.  


Yelpers were also treated to a flight of RRR’s premium wines, starting from Henri Giraud Esprit Brut, followed by 2000 Chateauneuf du Pape Bosquet des Papes.  The main dish was paired with 2002 Chateau Belle-vue Bordeaux Red.  Aged beef with aged wine would normally make you worry about your wallet, but as with all Elite Events, the entire experience was completely free!  Elite status has its benefits.  Note however, that if you came to RRR on any normal day, you get a free glass of Champagne with a Yelp App Check In Offer (while the offer lasts, so please check with the restaurant).  Also, restaurant’s concept is to offer the best cost performance in Japan for certified A5 ranked Kobe beef and premium wine, so the meal is surprisingly affordable.

As for the Yelp Sniper Game, the mission of the Elites were to find the snipers in the group.  The snipers’ mission was to take down the Royal Family members.  Well, the snipers mistakenly killed Yelp Elite Atsushi.  Three Royal Family members spent the night without a scratch, and was awarded cookies from Higashiya Man.  Four Elites that correctly guessed the sniper all received macaroons from Rituel par Christophe Vasseur Aoyama.  

Yelpers also learned about how Japanese Wagyu Beef is certified as Kobe Beef and how it could earn highest quality rank of A5.  


Special Thanks to:

RRR : Yelp / Facebook / Website

Photos by Kenji Mori



2016年初のYelp東京エリートイベントは六本木のRRRにて。ここに集まったYelp Eliteの中にスナイパーや王室の人が加わった。



感動は料理だけではなく、ワインとのマリアージュが絶妙だった。Henri Giraud Esprit Brut シャンパンから始まりトリフの香に負けないローヌワインのドメーヌ・ボスケット・デ・パープ2000年。そしてフィニッシュは2002年のシャトーベルビュー。熟成肉に合わせて熟成したワインが出てきたのでお値段が心配。だがこのようなエリートイベントは完全無料がスタンダード。でも実はトリプルアールではイベントでないときに訪れても熟成された有名ワインがとてもリーズナブルな価格で飲めるのだ。店のコンセプトが「日本一リーズナブルに国産黒毛和牛の熟成肉とプレミアムワインを提供すること」で、コストパフォーマンスがとても高い。そしてYelpアプリでチェックインするとグラスシャンパンが一杯無料なのだ(時期により変更している可能性もあるのでお店にチェック)。










写真はこちらを見てね。撮影 Kenji Mori