Singapore Gets A Taste of TAKI

TAKI 600

It was a strong start in Singapore, as neither rain nor Monday deterred our eager Elite Squad to celebrate their 2016 badge at our first event of year. 50 Elites and their guests came together at TAKI in Boat Quay for celebratory high-fives, cold Kirins, and to discover the treasures that TAKI had to offer.

The Yelpers enjoyed the dashi-maki eggs, sashimi combination, assorted tempura, and sukiyaki. We also got to sample some sake in between! Also, we couldn’t help but ogle over the plating of their watermelon; isn’t it cool?

TAKI Watermelon

Photo by Vet L.

But don’t take my word for it- check out the reviews that are coming in, along with the fab photos by Dorothy Yip!

A huge thank you goes out to Ms. Kie Ueda, Mr. Kazu Takubo, Mr. Dennis, Ms. Denise, and the crew at TAKI for giving our 2016 Elites a very warm welcome back!