Meet The Elite: Isobel L, LA East

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Welcome to Meet The Elite, where we let you in on the lives of some of our top community members. Today we meet Isobel L, a well caffeinated, culture-loving, part-time performance artist, who loves stamping her palatable passport with international bites found right here in LA. With more than 450 reviews penned (er, typed!) and almost 1,000 photos snapped since March ‘10, this lady will surely inspire you to seek out a part of LA you didn’t even know existed! She’s dynamite…and here’s why…


Why did you start yelping?

To make the world a better place. And to have fun.

Why is it “Sweet to be Elite?”

Meeting other Elites totally rocks. There’s a very special combination of thirst for adventure and desire to share great experiences that Elites demonstrate in spades. Not having to explain yourself when saying, “Stop, I have to take a picture!, ” before taking a bite because everyone is doing the same thing! Knowing that my reviews are valued and read by other Elites pushes me to improve my writing.

What’s your favorite local biz?

Right now, I am in love with Al & Bea’s in Boyle Heights. Their bean and cheese burrito with red sauce is the best burrito in the world. I am addicted.

What’s your dream Yelp event?

A coffee, BBQ, and chocolate chip cookie tasting with Jonathan Gold.

What are you doing when you’re not Yelping?

Thinking about Yelping, visiting museums, helping people improve their lives, and running off the calories.

Why should someone visit Los Angeles?

LA offers the most varied cuisines per square mile of any city I’ve ever visited. The diversity of our population is unequaled! You can dine on cuisine from every continent (except Antarctica?) all in one day if you so desire.  And it’s fantastic. There is no excuse for having a bad meal in LA as long as you have Yelp!

Don’t take our word for it!

Isobel’s reviews are breezy, friendly, casual, and congenial… She exudes a bubbly, happy tone that wraps around you like an abrazo (warm hug). I’m always impressed by her irrepressible optimism and sense of fresh wonder… Bravo, Bravissimo! Gary I

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