ボーダーを着て、お好み焼きを食べよう!@お好みたまちゃん / Munch on some delicious Okonomiyaki at Tamachan in Nakameguro


12月の東京エリートイベントは中目黒のたまちゃんにて。創業者のたまちゃんこと、玉井さんが大阪からかけつけてくれたよ。当日はたまちゃんのトレードマークでもあるボーダーを着て勢揃い。ベストドレッサー賞にはいつもcuteなMaria Pさんが最もいいねの票を多くゲットして選ばれました。







Special Thanks to:

たまちゃん (Tamachan) : Yelp / Facebook / Website
Photographer:延原優樹(Yuki Nobuhara) : Wantedly / Facebook


For December 2015 Yelp Tokyo Elite Event, Yelpers gathered at an Okonomiyaki speicalty restaurant in Nakameguro called “Tamachan”.  Tamachan started in Osaka, heat and soul of Okonomiyaki, where it became a huge hit.  It then branched out to locations like this Nakameguro branch in Tokyo.  For this Elite Event, the founder of Kamachan, Tamai-san, aka ”Tama-chan”, came all the way from Osaka to party with the Yelpers.

Chef from Aoyama branch joined forces with the chef at Nakameguro to provide delicious samplers of their specialties.

Along with delicious food, Yelpers also sipped away their recommended Tamachan style Bloody Mary, which is made with Shochu.

Dress code was something border (stripes).  Nope, in Japan, striped clothing is not synonymous with prisoners.  It happens to be signature style for the founder Tamachan.  Elites voted Maria P. as the “Best dresser”.  Maria received a 5000 Yen certificate at Tamachan.

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