Meet The Elite: Karen R, Vancouver


Welcome to Meet The Elite, where we let you in on the lives of some of our top community members. Aside from being the most authentic, social, and influential members of the Yelp community, Elites set the standard for what Yelp’s all about – having a passion for local businesses and sharing that love and knowledge with others.

Today we meet Karen R, an Elite since 2010! A self-professed dental nerd, Karen likes most outdoor activities, inexpensive tasty food, and romantic moments – oh, and her first concert was Meatloaf!



What’s your favourite Yelp memory?
Yelptern Yoga seems most poignant. Having never attended a yoga class before, I enjoyed the stress-free introduction to something it seems everyone is doing. It was wonderful, and a bit more work than I initially thought!

What inspires you to keep writing reviews?
My first preference is to share photos of food or an establishment; however I am constantly inspired to also share an unbiased, fair telling of my food and service ventures.

What’s your favourite best kept secret in Vancouver?
To be honest, at first I didn’t want to share my most favourite place but, alas, share I will! My favourite place is The Salvation Army second hand store in kits. Every time I go, I find quality items to add to my closet, minimal shoe collection, jewelry box, or kitchen. Just saying. It’s awesome. Now remember: with great power comes great responsibility!

Why did you start yelping?
I’m a Yelper who never knew she was until Yelp came to be. How awesome is it to have a smartphone app that, like a butler at your fingertips, answers your queries with useful info at a moment’s notice? I’ll gladly be part of that. I totally adore seeing what foods restaurants serve and those photos help me decide what I want.

Why should someone visit Vancouver?

It’s a treasured chocolate wrapped in a shiny wrapper hiding a nugget of awesomeness. Each crinkly fold nestled and hidden, awaiting the discovery of each cool and yet to be experienced treat.

Describe your ideal day in Vancouver:

Seeing as it’s December, it’s a sweet whipping cream topped mug of hot chocolate seated on a comfy couch in front of a wonderful fireplace chatting with friends. It’s a beachfront nearby for a chilly wander with your significant other while you cradle a warm to-go mug. And, of course, some Yelp adventures! I so appreciate Yelp’s ability to be there waiting and wanting to aid in whatever needed. It’s awesome.

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