Coast-to-Coast Connects Business Owners & Grows Community

Last month, the people behind 100 top-rated businesses across North America gathered at Yelp’s San Francisco headquarters for a historic event called Coast-To-Coast: Coming Together Because We Mean Business.

In addition to recognizing the achievements of local business leaders and providing them a forum to share feedback about how we can enhance the experience business owners have on Yelp, we learned that effective entrepreneurs are part of a unique community eager to support one another by exchanging rich resources that help each other grow. Click here and listen to several Coast-to-Coast attendees as they give you a glimpse inside this inaugural event and the learnings they brought back to their local communities, and read recaps below.

I’ve received so many business leads from my thriving Yelp profile, the mere thought of a less-than-perfect Yelp review filled me with dread. Fortunately, after two days at Yelp HQ, I was able to overcome this fear and was provided tools to be able to handle a negative review should one occur someday!

Ashley DuChene
Ashley DuChene Photography

The one practical tip I’ve been evangelizing since my return: Reviewers who mention good customer service are 5x more likely to post a 5 star review; that’s really incredible and made it so I was much kinder on the phone recently when assisting a confused person trying to buy tickets to my tour.

Will Woods
Forbidden Vancouver

It seems to me that since its inception, Yelp has worked hard at building a community of Yelp reviewers and it was refreshing to feel, for the first time, that Yelp also wants to motivate businesses and wants to teach them how to take advantage of this ever-more-important site.

Debbie Rabinovici
Café Curuba

We spent an intense (but fun) 48 hours in workshops, learning best practices, and gaining insights into Yelp. The most rewarding component was meeting 100 passionate people who have so many amazing ideas. Yelp is a fantastic tool to nurture growth.

Kent Whipple
Unexpected Productions

I used to see Yelp as a nuisance, just a tool for our angry customers to bash us, but C2C taught me we’re all part of this huge community, businesses and consumers, and community is a powerful thing. You can’t control what Yelpers will say, but you can gain insights about your business through their reviews.

Jeff Wang
Yum Dum Truck


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