24 Hours In Melbourne

Welcome to 24 Hours In Melbourne, where Yelp talks to a local influencer about spending a perfect day in Australia’s Second City.

Home of graffitied laneways, seemingly endless amounts of coffee and Neighbours, one might think there couldn’t be anything more to this mysterious and moody city. Well guess what? You’re dead wrong. Someone who knows this metropolis better than most is Jackie Doran – Yelp’s Melbourne Community Manager, who loves helping locals discover hidden gems and pimping out her favourite hot spots to out-of-towners. When she’s not throwing parties in bars or on boats, she can be found chasing her cat around her apartment. Oh, and also sniffing out small bars/cafes/book shops in secret laneways across this fine city. We caught up with Jackie to see what her most perfect day in Melbourne looks like.

6 am: The alarm goes off and I hit snooze three times. Yes, three times. Every. Single. Morning. Don’t judge me.

7 am: I head for the gym because, let’s face it, I am a MACHINE. North Melbourne Boxing and Fitness are trying hard to get me ripped for summer and, while there, I spot a Masterchef judge on the treadmill.

8 am: It’s time to fill my body with coffee and breakfast goodness. I pop over to Small Victories and without glancing at the menu, I order the baked eggs, a flat white and a Bloody Mary because I worked hard this morning, damn it! Their Marys are simple but extra spicy – you’ve been warned.

11 am: I’m feeling inspired to decorate! I head over to Loose Leaf plants to lose myself in the gorgeous greenery. After picking up a new succulent, I strut over to Everyday Coffee for coffee number two. This is probably the most hipster moment of my life.

1 pm: I jump on a Yarra Tram and try not to make eye contact with that weird looking guy sitting in the corner. I decide to treat myself and head to Miss Fox for a spa treatment so glamourous that I feel like a Kardashian.

Everyday Coffee
Everyday Coffee. Photo by Terrence L.

3 pm: I head back northside for a cheeky shop at the Lost and Found Market. Score myself a new 80s denim jacket and some Ken Done placemats. I am unable to wipe the smile off my face.

4 pm: Grab a six-pack of ciders from Blackhearts and Sparrows and ride my bike to the party grass at Edinburgh Gardens where I meet my pals. We nab a prime possie to watch the sunset. Pat dogs. High five strangers. Congratulate each other on winning at life.  

6 pm: Blow off the pre-dinner cocktail and get stuck into some craft beers instead at Captain Melville. If you check in on the Yelp app they’ll throw you a free pot!

7 pm: I head to Entrecote and then kick myself for missing for missing their choyster (™J. Doran) happy hour of $2 oysters and $12 French champagne. Instead I order medium rare steak frites (the only other thing on their menu) and smile smugly while I inhale it.

9 pm: I rub my belly all the way to Arbory and by some miracle actually manage to get a seat overlooking the water. I order all of the Aperol Spritz. All of them.

10 pm: Oh no. I’ve found myself at the infamous Cherry Bar, renowned for their cheap pours and sticky floors. I thrash out to the jukebox in the back room before bravely making my way to dance in the main room with whatever 80s-inspired rock band is playing. This will be a long night.

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