Meet The Elite: Hope C, Rochester NY


Welcome to Meet The Elite, where we let you in on the lives of some of our top community members. Today we meet Hope C, a Yelp Elite since ’12 with a whopping 733 reviews and counting. Here’s Hope’s take on what it means to be a yelper.

Hope C


Why did you start yelping?

I started using Yelp around Rochester and while visiting different cities back in 2010; however, I didn’t actually start writing Yelp reviews until 2012. I found yelping to be a great outlet during a busy work day, because I could bang out a Yelp review fairly quickly on my mobile app and recall all the fun things I’d done over the weekend. That excitement fueled me until my next day off. It wasn’t until several months into yelping that I realized what a great mechanism it was for connecting a local community of people interested in eating good food and supporting local businesses.

What’s your favorite Yelp memory?

My favorite Yelp memory is definitely when we got our own community manager and started having Yelp events in Rochester! I remember my anticipation for the first Elite event at Cure — I couldn’t wait to meet all the other local yelpers who seemed to have just as much passion as I did about food! In the past few years, Yelp has grown so much locally and internationally. I can’t thank the Yelp community enough for providing me with excellent insight at home and abroad.

What’s your favorite local biz?

My most-loved local business is probably the Public Market, which is cheating because several businesses make up that entity. It’s one of my favorite ways to kick off a great weekend.

Describe your ideal day in Rochester.

My ideal day in Rochester would probably start with waking up AFTER the sun rises, enjoying a cup of coffee at Pour or the Public Market, going on a city or trail run, and then heading over to Swan Market for beer and German food, and maybe to the Genesee Brew House to watch a sports game. Other fave weekend haunts would be Artisan Works and Swiftwater Brewery. Some Irish music at Barry’s in Webster, and brunch at Atlas Eats would hopefully figure into the weekend, as well! There are so many great local choices.

What inspires you to Yelp?

My excitement for the perfect moment. Every time I stumble upon something that makes me happy, I think about how cool it would be to offer tips and opinions that may help people find their own happy states!

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