Yelp×復興庁 東北おすそわけDay【横浜会場】

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Yelp Yokohama’s Tohoku Osusowake day was very good time.  Many new yelpers gathered and know tasty food from Tohoku.  We enjoyed Tohoku drinks and great foods.

Yelp Tohoku “Osusowake Day” was a day for Yelpers to indulge themselves with delicious food using ingredients from Tohoku region of Japan.  Five Yelp cities in Japan held the event on the same day.  In Yokohama, Yeplers gathered at “bukatsudo”, a really neat space at Dockyard Garden in Minato-Mirai.  The event kicked off with “Kampai” with Apple Ale Beer from Rikuzentakata, and area that was greatly affected by the earthquake and tsunami.  Instructors from BP Kitchen School amazingly transformed traditional Tohoku Area vegetables into modern style gourmet dishes like vegetable sushi and bread.  Yelpers also enjoyed Sake from Tohoku provided by “Liquor Mountain”.  

Check out the reviews here, and fabulous photos taken by Yelp Elite Aoi S. !!

Collaboration with: Atarashi Tohoku
Sake by: Liquor Mountain
Photos by: Aoi S
Partner: BP Kitchen
Special thanks to Yelp Elite Takuya M., who took the bullet train from Sendai to attend this event and helped out!










カメラマン:Aoi S

当日のお手伝い:Takuya M.