Your Next Yelp Small Business Advisory Council Unveiled

Fifteen superstar business owners are joining Yelp’s Small Business Advisory Council to represent you. How exactly will they do that, you ask? For starters, the group will head to San Francisco to share their insights and ideas with Yelp’s top executives. They’ll also join monthly conference calls to discuss Yelp initiatives that impact business owners. These ideas are then used to streamline products, programs, and policies and generally make Yelp better for you.

Business owners from all around the world applied for a spot on this year’s council. The newest members were selected because of their passion and drive to make a difference. They also represent a wide cross section of industries and geographies. So if you don’t see your name below, rest assured you’re in good hands. With that in mind, we’re excited to unveil the names of our new, as well as returning, members!

2015 YSBAC Pic Monkey Collage.jpg

New Members:

1.   Joe R. Earthwise Hauling And Junk Removal (Orange, CA – US)

2.   Lauren H. The Root Salon (Phoenix, AZ- US)

3.   Alexei L. Union Post SF (San Francisco, CA – US)

4.   Stacy A. Fitness Together (Washington, D.C. – US)

5.   Kyle H. Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg (Brooklyn, NY – US)

6.   Bruce S. Manhattan Chili Co. (Manhattan, NY – US)

7.   Matthew M. Jet City Device Repair (6 locations in Chicago, IL – US)

8.   Seth B. Lee (4 concepts in Toronto, ON – CA)

9.   Jason S. The Taco Truck (6 locations in NJ and NYC – US)

10. Jennifer N. Prolase Laser Clinic (Glendale, CA – US)

11. Bodo V. Sushi Factory (15 locations in Hamburg – DE)

12. Alexander R. Sushiya (Munich – DE)

13. Gary B. Four Corners (London – UK)

14. Stephen C. The Lo-cal Kitchen (Dublin – IE)

15. Robert F. Forsythe Cafe (Naremburn, New South Wales – AUS)

Returning Members:

1. Anna W. Jones Family Project (London – UK)

2. Clark S. Northwestern Specialists in Plastic Surgery (Chicago, IL – US)

3. Deborah D. Paradise Laundry, Inc. (4 locations throughout Roseville, CA – US)

4. Diana L. Peaches’ Smokehouse & Southern Kitchen (Los Angeles, CA – US)

5. Heidi L. Spa Lamar (Scottsdale, AZ – US)

6. Isadora M. Bunkhouse (4 locations in Austin, TX – US)

7. Kathy R. Flash Frozen Photography (Woodland Hills, CA – US)

8. Martin G. Auberge Du Dragon Rouge (Montreal, Qc – CA)

9. Steve B. B.D. Riley’s Irish Pub (Austin, TX – US)

10. Matthias M. Der Verrückte Eismacher (Munich – DE)

11. Victoria F. Miss Fox (Melbourne, Victoria – AUS)

12. Valerie G. Les Deux Gamins (Montreal, QC – CA)

13. Mellissa M. Ms. Cupcake (Brixton, London – UK)

14. Debbie G. Fresh Brothers (9 locations throughout Southern California – US)

15. Pam N. Butter Lane Cupcakes (2 locations in New York, NY – US)

16. Carlos R. Mr. Roofing (South San Francisco, CA – US)

17. Jonah H. Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden (Richmond, VA – US)

18. Michelle H. Property Management Systems (San Francisco, CA – US)

19. Wade L. Square Cow Movers (Austin, TX – US)

20. Patrick C. Affairs to Remember Caterers (Atlanta, GA – US)

21. David P. Lettuce B. Frank ( Food truck in Rochester, NY – US)

22. Michael G. Ellis Island Casino & Brewery (Las Vegas, NV – US)

23. Jose L. Lucha Libre Gourmet Taco Shop (San Diego, CA)

24. Robert H. H & Y Marketplace (Hicksville, NY – US)

25. Ken C. Nexus Brewery (Albuquerque, New Mexico – US)

We love working with the small business community, and the YSBAC is one of several ways that we do this. We also offer free educational webinars, workshops with our Business Outreach team, and tips via our Blog for Business Owners. We’re excited to continue our efforts and develop new ways to help you close the loop with consumers.