A Coffee Education At Dimattina For Yelp Perth Elites

Dimattina Coffee Elite Event
On the weekend the Perth Elites were lucky enough to receive an education in coffee at Dimattina. The Dimattina’s have a long, rich history in the coffee industry. Beginning in the 1950’s when their fathers started roasting coffee, the Dimattina name is now front and centre with the latest phase of the coffee dynasty, Dimattina Coffee. Two of their Osborne Park staff, Toni & Jono taught us all something as they walked us through the roastery and coffee shop, answering all the Yelpers coffee questions. Yelpers got to work their way through coffees of their choice paired with delicious snacks, plus take a bottle of Dimattina's cold brew home with them. Everyone was buzzing after the event and not just from the coffee. Read the reviews and check out the photos for yourself.

A huge thank you to Toni, Jono and the rest of the Dimattina team for putting on this event for us.