Don’t Let Steve Wynn Destroy Nevada’s Online Free Speech Law

On March 3, 2015, Steve Wynn lost a defamation lawsuit in California based off of an anti-SLAPP motion. Who is Steve Wynn and why the heck should I care, you ask? Well, he’s got money and isn’t afraid to sue his critics.

Less than three weeks after Wynn lost the defamation lawsuit, the State Senate, with Wynn’s support, introduced bill SB 444 gutting the new and robust anti-SLAPP law in Nevada, Wynn’s home state.

Generally speaking, when people or businesses file a SLAPP suit, they are hoping to intimidate the defendant through large legal fees and pressure them into removing their original statements altogether.

It’s understandable that Wynn may not like Nevada’s robust anti-SLAPP laws since he recently lost under a similar statute in California, but it would be a tragedy if the state of Nevada allowed the interests of one man to gut a law that is meant to protect the freedom of speech for all Nevadans. Nevadans deserve to be able to share their experiences and opinions, positive or negative, without having to worry about people like Steve Wynn intimidating or censoring their speech.

We encourage Yelpers in Nevada and around the country to let members of the Nevada State Assembly and Governor Brian Sandoval’s office know that they strongly oppose SB 444 or any legislation that will roll back the state’s anti-SLAPP law.