Boutique Shopping Goes Digital with on Yelp Platform

Memorial Day Weekend was great for getting outside, exploring parks and beaches, seeing friends and family, and blowing your dough on countless sales and promotions. Shopped a ton but didn’t find what you wanted? Or found what you wanted but then realized seven of your friends also found the same cozy blue cardigan? Good news, Yelp has something for you. As of today, shop cool local boutiques directly on Yelp through our new Yelp Platform partnership with!

This is not just a way to avoid the crush of humans crowding your local mall (although that’s a definite benefit), our new partnership makes it so easy to support cool local businesses (like Olive & Bette’s in NYC or y&i Clothing Boutique in San Francisco) and find something uniquely you. Read reviews and highlights from the Yelp community for each boutique, browse their inventory in a sleek shopping interface, add to your cart, purchase, and get it delivered to your door, all on Yelp.

For those who prefer an in-person experience, this new feature is a great way to scope the merch before deciding which shops to visit. Also, If you're at all worried that your item might be snagged by someone else before you can get to the store, just order it online and select pickup in store so that the item is waiting for you when you arrive.

Shoptiques Yelp Platform y&i boutique is Yelp’s first partner in the shopping vertical, Yelp’s largest category of reviewed businesses at 23 percent. The high-quality, unique local boutiques they partner with are the best local finds and hidden gems across the country.

We’re rolling out this partnership over the course of the coming months, with more than 200 businesses live today, and thousands of boutiques available by the end of the year for your shopping pleasure. We’re excited to deliver more value, convenience, a top-notch ecommerce experience, and maybe some sassy summer sandals to Yelp users!

Yelp Platform connects people with great local businesses from discovery into actual transactions in a variety of categories, including food ordering, spa treatments, winery tastings, hotels, and now boutique shopping. Consumers completed about 1.5 million transactions on Yelp Platform as of the end of the first quarter of 2015, and we’re excited to work with to continue growing that number.

For developers interested in partnering with Yelp, head to for more information.