Are You Getting Customers From Yelp?

If you’ve ever wondered how many leads your business is getting through Yelp, then be sure to check out the Customer Leads graph in your business dashboard. While the User Views graph measures how many times your Yelp page was viewed on Yelp’s desktop or mobile platforms, the Customer Leads graph can be an indicator of users doing business with you.

The Customer Leads we track for your business include:

  •  Mobile Check-ins: A way for users to tell others on Yelp, Facebook and Twitter that they are at your business.
  • Mobile Calls: Clicks to call your business from Yelp’s mobile site and apps.

  • User Uploaded Photos: Photos of your business that have been uploaded by Yelp users.

  • Directions & Map Views: Requests for directions and views of the map for your business from Yelp’s website, mobile site and apps.

  • Clicks to Your Website: Clicks from your Yelp page to your business URL.

  • Yelp Bookmarks: A way for users to remind themselves and their friends about their interest in your business.

  • Deals Sold: Number of deals purchased by Yelp users.Learn more about Deals.


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