Yelp Deals & Gift Certificates are Available in Canada Now, Eh?

When we launched Yelp Deals in 2011, we wanted to provide consumers with a great benefit – discounts at local businesses they were already searching for online. We know a whopping 82% of Yelp users turn to the site when they’re already planning to spend money, and finding a great deal on an oil change or fitness class is just one more reason to search Yelp before you buy. As of today, our neighbors to the north can join the party and start racking up savings at great local businesses in all categories with the launch of Yelp Deals and Gift Certificates in Canada.

More than 80,000 Yelp Deals are live on our site, offering consumers the opportunity to save on everything from spa treatments to moving services. In fact, the bestselling Yelp Deal to date is an offer from a moving company in Los Angeles that has saved money for the more than 1,800 people who have taken advantage of the $20 for $50 deal (that's more than $55,000 saved through just one offer!). Those customers, and those that have purchased one of the one million plus Yelp Deals sold to date, are not only getting a great deal, they’re also helping small businesses thrive by pledging to spend their money locally. While you’re at it, there’s also plenty of opportunity to share the gift of a five-star local experience with a lucky someone with over 40,000 Yelp Gift Certificates available.

For consumers looking to get in on this action, it’s easy to filter Yelp search results on the website and mobile app to see businesses offering a Yelp Deal. Go ahead, give it a whirl. More and more Deals will be available in Canada as this feature is utilized by Canadian business owners, like Mink Makeup & Hair in Vancouver, who is catching the eye of anyone looking for a makeup artist with a compelling $50 for $75 deal.

Mink Deal Canada
Mink Gift Certificate Canada
For business owners wanting to attract new customers, setting up a Yelp Deal or Gift Certificate is super simple and takes only a few minutes. Start here, and give people searching on Yelp an additional reason to try your business over the competition.