Now on Yelp: Businesses that Accept Bitcoin

There’s a lot of information consumers can gather from the more than 53 million reviews that have been submitted to Yelp, but there are also times when people simply need to know some basic information before they decide to visit a local business.

Does the restaurant deliver?

Is that mechanic open?

What’s the dentist’s phone number?

Does the bowling alley accept credit cards?

Is it friendly for dogs?

Does the place have a “hipster” ambience?

Did this restaurant receive an “A” grade in its latest hygiene inspection?

All of these questions have something in common: they can be answered with a glance at a Yelp business listing.

We’re constantly thinking about how to make our business attributes more useful for consumers and businesses. That’s why we’re excited to announce that as of today, we’re adding a new attribute: “Accepts Bitcoin: Yes”

For an example of what it looks like, check out Little Lucy’s Mini Donuts in Austin:

Bitcoin image

As a business owner, you can let your customers know you’re accepting Bitcoin by logging into your free business owner tools on and updating your payment attributes.

Why does this matter? For those who haven’t heard the buzz about Bitcoin, it’s a new payment technology that allows consumers and businesses to make fast, secure and low-cost digital payments from any Internet-enabled device. Bitcoin also allows for consumers and businesses to transact without having to store sensitive data like a credit card number. Finally, like cash, Bitcoin's transactions are one-way, so businesses don't have to worry about chargebacks.

We’re hopeful the introduction of the Bitcoin attribute will provide yet another way for consumers to connect with great local businesses.