Why Do You Yelp? New Elite Advisory Council Shares Their Stories

Our exceptional Yelp Elite members are what make our site such an invaluable resource for discovering what’s great about local businesses. Yelp’s goal has always been to create the best user experience possible for our community, both on and offline so, naturally, we thought, who better to help us continue to improve upon our site than some of our most engaged Yelpers? Our inaugural Advisory Council For Really Outstanding National Yelp Members—otherwise known as ACRONYM (wink, wink)—visited Yelp HQ last week to share some insight on building Yelp communities from a local’s perspective.

ACRONYM is a select group of local Yelp Elites in cities where we have a growing Yelp community. It was tough to choose just 11 out of thousands of great Elites, but we ended up with a group of ACRONYMers who we felt could offer insightful feedback on their hometowns and help us take the Yelp community program to the next level. These passionate Elites are prime examples of Yelp’s power to connect people with great local businesses in small towns as well as bustling cities. At the summit, the council members weighed in on everything from feature improvements to community events.

Elite ACRONYM Summit group photo

Elites exploring San Francisco during the ACRONYM summit at Yelp HQ

Get to know the ACRONYM Elites in this video, and learn what Yelp means to them and the important role it plays in helping them discover and share the best of their cities.

Just like our Yelp Small Business Advisory Board culls feedback from small business owners worldwide, the ACRONYM group gives us a direct line to insight from those who use Yelp most often. Thanks to this group for volunteering their time!

2014 ACRONYM Elite Council Members

Albany, NY – Josh K.

Anchorage, AK – Angie M.

Asheville, NC – Kipper S.

Bakersfield, CA – McKenzie S.

Boise, ID – Ophelia S.

Eugene, OR – James L.

Fresno, CA – Tamia G.

Grand Rapids, MI – Amanda S.

Knoxville, TN – Channa P.

Savannah, GA – Steve V.

Wilmington, NC – Amanda H.