Local San Francisco Businesses Star in New Yelp Visuals

As a seven-year Yelp Elite, Angella S. knows her way around a Yelp review. Her passion for vegetarian fare and yoga have led her to review favorites like Urban Flow Yoga in San Francisco, as well as a long list of other neighborhood finds. Community members like Angella are the magic ingredient that makes Yelp so useful for consumers all around the world. By sharing their local expertise, these Yelpers help others find exactly what they’re looking for – be it a relaxing day spa or the goldmine of a thrift store hiding right around the corner – and feel confident when deciding where to spend their hard-earned money.

You might be seeing more of Angella, as she is the star of our second round of Yelp visuals, which are currently making the rounds online and in local communities to help consumers discover the power of Yelp. Here’s the story behind the local San Francisco businesses that played host to her photo shoot, demonstrating a few scenarios where Yelp seriously comes in handy:  


Finding a local-approved spot in a new city can be challenging without Yelp as your guide. Angella bellied up to the wine bar at Press Club for a glass of vino. With review highlight “after work” mentioned in 56 reviews, locals agree this spot is the perfect place to take a load off after a long day in the office.


Sometimes the best finds are ones you weren’t even looking for. Yelp helps you discover hidden gems, like Flora Grubb, a local nursery and “plant heaven” according to Angella, whose orchid game was seriously improved by a visit to this “enchanting” garden tucked away in an industrial neighborhood.


With important purchases and infrequent needs, a quick look on Yelp can ease any worries and help you find just the place, like our third stop Hair Play, to wrangle that messy mop into a strut-worthy do. Angella wouldn’t trust anyone but her mane man Fritz at Hair Play with her locks.

Now that you’ve got the scoop on the local businesses that provided the beautiful backdrops in Angella’s photo shoot, follow her lead and let Yelp help you discover your new favorite nail salon or dive bar. With so much local info at your fingertips, who knows where you’ll end up.