Yelp LV Jams with the Jabbbawockeez

Yelp LV Elite and guests were invited to view the newest creation from the original champions of MTV's "America's Best Dance Crew," the Jabbawockeez. Don't know these guys? Dressed in expressionless white masks and gloves, they guide the audience's attention away from individual identities and toward a unified group to create a canvas for the audience to visualize the music by painting artistic imagery through their intricate moves. Their new show, "PRiSM" is a celebration of imagination that takes audiences on a journey of dance, music and inspiration. The show is a dynamic mix of awe-inspiring choreography, enchanting story lines and stunning special effects, forming a production that challenges audiences to embrace the unexpected.


Before the show started, everyone was invited to a private cocktail hour at Rice & Company, which features features delicious drinks and fresh, tasty and healthy Asian Cuisine. Nelson Q: "A drink was already waiting for me and that was gone in 60 seconds! That concoction called "Mama-San's Kiss" (Ketel One Orange, Sweet and Sour, Yuzu Juice, and Strawberry Puree) was SO GOOD that I went in search for another kiss from mama-san while mixing and mingling with fellow Elites and new faces."


On to the show! After picking up a free item from the JabBar concession area, guests made their way into the theater. Tony T: "The show grabbed my attention right from the start and did not fail to meet my expectations. The B-boys, street dance, hip-hop, mime, physical comedy and totally sick acrobatics moves were fantastic, as one would have expected. But the humor, good selection of music (totally drawing from what was and is hot now in pop culture – Gangnam style anyone?), visual effects and their signature masks and white gloves plus the new color scheme completes their updated Vegas entertainment experience."


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