Yelp’s Movin’ on Down the Peninsula to Palo Alto

While most SF Yelp employees have been busy moving their files, pictures, stuffed animals, flying machines, Nerf guns, etc. over to our new SF headquarters (more on that news coming soon!), a lucky few on our Engineering team have set up shop in Yelp’s brand new Palo Alto office.

That’s right, we’re looking for new brains to tackle technical challenges, make Yelp’s development efforts more productive and scalable, eat the delicious Yelp cakes that abound and generally bask in the glory of Yelp’s Palo Alto presence.

Yelp Cake

This spot is right in the thick of things in the heart of Silicon Valley. Commuters won’t break a sweat, with the Caltrain station at California Avenue mere blocks away.

Do you live in the Valley and tear up a bit at the thought of commuting to SF? Problem solved. No need to leave the Silicon circle when you can join the Yelp engineering team in South Bay.

Already daydreaming about your new life as a Yelp employee in Palo Alto? What a sweet, sweet vision it is, with plenty of projects to challenge your skill and a prime location smack dab in the middle of killer local businesses and lunch spots.

Head on over to our Engineering Blog for more deets on the type of talent we’re looking to add to our Software Development team in this satellite office, and check out our current job openings at