Yelp Chicagoland’s Great Crepe Escape At Nu Crepes!

Holy Crepe! What do you get when you mix a group of Elites, 14 super-sized crepe varieties, and farm-fresh ingredients served in a hip, downtown Elmhurst setting? This month's Elite-only event at Nu Crepes: Yelp's Great Crepe Escape!


Elites were served up three courses of crepes, starting with breakfast, savory, and last (but certainly not least) dessert. Stacey K couldn't get enough of "the breakfast Lumberjack'd and savory Banger Toastie," while Alisa M loved the savory "Chicago Smog and the Roasted Veggie.
The Chicago smog reminds me of an Italian beef sandwich. Love the
giardiniera! The veggie was awesome as well. Lots of flavor and the
caramelized onions were sweet!" And the sweet crepes… well, that's Ericka A's "jam! The Bomb is just that – the bomb. You really can't go wrong with cinnamon in dessert.
The King was pretty straight forward – peanut butter and fresh banana.
G-Thang was possibly my favorite. It's like a Take 5 in crêpe-form.
Campfire brought back great childhood memories."


DRY Soda was on hand to keep the whole Elite crew hydrated with a variety of fresh and innovative flavors. Carolyn T is officially a fan: "I love carbonated beverages, but I really don't like soda (confession: I
call it 'pop'). This, however, was an exception. Unlike other overly
sweet sodas, these were flavorful without tasting overwhelming. I didn't
feel like I cheated my healthy-eating lifestyle by sampling these gems,
either! My favorite was the blood orange flavor." While Oliver Winery created a buzz with it's soft white wine that got Ericka A feeling extra creative, mixing the Oliver Winery white wine and DRY Soda to make some tasty spritzers," because that's how she rolls. And Kathleen M couldn't leave out her "new addiction: Dark Matter
. It's just outstanding. I'm not talking
about espresso (which is my regular caffeine delivery vehicle). Just
normal coffee with the richest brew and most fulfilling flavor I have ever
experienced. Darkly delicious!"


Check out all the 5-star reviews here, along with the video blog and photos from the event, care of the one and only and ever-talented, Mr Andrés
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Thanks to all the Elites who were able to attend Yelp's Great Crepe Escape at Nu Crepes, Yelptern Rosanna L, Photograpaher Andrés
, and a HUGE thanks to Niall, Diane and the whole team at Nu Crepes!

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