Compliments: They’re free. Give them!

The other day I was minding my business when a stranger in passing blurted out, “I like your shoes!” And you know what? I was on cloud nine for the next 15 minutes. My shoes (red ballet flats if you must know) weren’t earth-shatteringly cool, but this person made an effort to give me a nice compliment and it made my day. We find that many Yelpers are the same: they love when their peers take a quick second to give them heartfelt kudos for a well-written review, a can’t-believe-it’s-not-pro photo or a saucy looking profile pic.

Compliment popup
Today, in celebration of World Compliment Day, we invite you to take a few seconds to make someone’s day a little brighter with a compliment on Yelp. Remember the last time you were reading a Yelp review and thought, “Wow, this person is HI-larious”? Well, tell them! A few little words can go a long way. Users can personalize their own message or opt to use the auto-generated Yelpy compliment if they just can’t find the right words.

The “compliment” button is an easy way to send some good vibes. Find the button on each review, on every user’s profile page and on photos.

Photo compliment
Clicking the “compliment” button isn’t the only way to give props on Yelp. At the bottom of each review are Useful, Funny and Cool buttons – pick one and click it (or two, or all three) if you liked what you saw. When looking at a business page you can sort reviews by Useful, Funny and Cool as well, all determined by user votes.

Review UFC
What does a compliment cost you? Nothing. What will it get you? Good karma and a warm ‘n fuzzy feeling. So get to complimenting already! The best part? You might get a few in return.