arrowenvelopefacebookinstagramlinked-intwitteryelpyoutube Welcomes 100 Million Unique Visitors in January 2013

I’ve got some good news to share. Pretty fantastic news actually. For the first time in Yelp history, over 100 million unique visitors came to the site in a one-month period. That’s an all-time high for traffic to the desktop and mobile site and a clear indication that people are looking for local businesses and finding them on Yelp. While that number is huge, it doesn’t even include the 9.4 million unique mobile devices that used the Yelp mobile app in January alone.

Even more staggering than 100 million unique visitors using in January are the millions of contributions Yelpers made to the community in the same time frame. The 4.6 million calls and 5.7 million directions generated through the Yelp mobile app and nearly 2 million bookmarks created by Yelpers are the connection between searching for a specific local business and making a spending decision. And spending they are! A recent survey of business owners on Yelp reported that the average customer across all categories surveyed spends $101.59 in their first visit. That’s everything from hiring a roofer to buying a new mattress and even your morning cup of joe, and it all adds up.

For a closer look at these 100 million unique visitors, we broke down this record breaking month into a visual party of an infographic. If you were one of them, thank you for supporting local businesses, and we’ll see you on Yelp again soon!