Come On and (Kitchensurfing) Safari with Boston Elites!

What better way to celebrate Fat Tuesday than by, well, getting fat? Even Nemo's mile-high snowbanks couldn't keep Boston's brightest and culinarily curiousest(?) from sampling the wares of six personal chefs in the comfort and coziness of Rival Marketing's test kitchen Tuesday night.


From succulent meatballs soaked in a savory saffron broth to pan-roasted duck breast over winter root purees to plaintain stews and Moroccan mussels, the flavors of Kitchensurfing's inaugural chef roster for their upcoming professional-chef-to-your-kitchen Boston launch. Thirsts stirred by the barrage of bites were sated by brilliant bespoke concoctions from Booze Époque and sips of Slumbrew's limited-edition line. The Somerville hopheads "were kind enough to bring the new creation My Better Half, a delectable imperial cream ale" that had Danielle F going back for sevenths.


"As Kitchensurfing guru Ben mentioned, the relationship between chef and diner is getting more personal…  People are beginning to care how they eat, and this Elite event was a stellar example of where this process is headed." We couldn't have said it better ourselves, Dorise G. Of course, food and drink are only two ingredients in this jammin' jambalaya, and a hefty pinch of "getting to know you" goes a long way. Tickets to the Boston Wine Expo went to a few lucky newbs and veterans who proved their prowess at the original social networking: face-to-face intros!


Tatsu scaled appliances to capture the magic (Flickr and Facebook), and the reviews are simmering in five-star anise. Go? Let us know and pen your own! Then pop on Talk and battle over your favorite plate. In the end, we all win.

Ready for Round 2,


Damien S (with Yelpterns Sue H and Lizzy B)