Yelp Adelaide’s Sunday Afternoon Nap(oli) @ Etica

On a Sunday afternoon in the quiet streets of Adelaide's CBD, Yelpers were transported to their own little slice of Naples at Adelaide's first Yelp Elite Event with Etica Ethical Pizza E Mozarella Bar. Sitting in the sun with their newly acquainted friends (Montepulciano and Vermentino), Yelpers were serenaded by the sounds and talents of Mitch on guitar and seduced by the promise of mozzarella and pizza tastings to come.

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Each Yelper was seduced by the sights, sounds and tastes of Etica and its owners, Frederico and Melissa. Like a high school romance, they were taken into the warm, intimate hub of the restaurant and each given an introduction to what makes Etica so unique.

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Melissa took Yelpers on a journey through grassy fields as they tried a-moo-zing mozzarella. Melissa M's favourites included "buffalo and Fior di Latté (cow's milk)
mozarellas, as well as buffalo ricotta and the smoked scamorza." She was also
"impressed to hear of the ethical basis for Etica restaurant's choice of

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According to Natasha S, many a Yelper went "weak at the knees anytime Frederico uttered a
word in Italian," and he "obviously knew his stuff! We learnt all
about traditional Napoli pizza bases and toppings, and the special pizza
oven that includes stone from Vesuvius (seriously cool… uh… I mean
hot)." Many a Yelper even got the chance to get their hands dirty making their own pizza bases including Sarah M, Rebecca C, Melissa M, Adam S and Kamini N.

Tyson A "really loved getting to know Federico and Melissa who were fantastic
hosts. It was great to hear the journey first hand, and to hear how much
love and passion went into creating Etica and the food we all shared
today." Meanwhile, Kamini N seemed to be enjoying a whole new level of enlightenment while "kneading her hands in the
softest pizza dough whilst breathing in the aromas of the ingredients
and flames from the oven."

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A huge grazie must go to Frederico and Melissa as gracious hosts and owners of Etica Pizzeria & Mozzarella Bar. Trust me when I say that their Italian hospitality is consistent anytime you drop by for a take-away or a sit down meal. A big thanks to Mitch and his chilled tunes and to John Kol Photography for the wonderful snaps he captured on the night.

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Chloe R
Yelp Adelaide Community Manager