Slinging into Asia – Yelp roars into Singapore

Singapore is home to five million inhabitants who know how to
take advantage of this equatorial island nation’s abundant treasures. Well-documented
are its shiny casinos and infinity pools, but there’s a lot more to this Little
Red Dot than that. Just ask the folks on Yelp

Consider, for example, the world’s largest orchid display,
the first purpose-built toy museum
and more than 15,000 hawker stalls.  The local cuisine is impressive, too:
from the growing gourmet coffee and cocktail culture to firm favourites like chili crab,
chicken rice
and dim sum.
 Insomniacs can shop at the Mustafa Centre
24/7, where they can buy iPhones, imported sweets from India and almost
everything else imaginable (except pork and alcohol, of course).


people of Singapore are discerning tastemakers with a strong sense of pride in
the diversity of their cuisine and culture, and we’re excited to see how their
eclectic tastes will contribute to the growth of their very own Yelp community.
Starting today, Yelpers can rate and review businesses throughout the Lion
City, from the best kopitiam to a spot to sample spicy sambal

on to
or download Yelp’s mobile app to start sharing your own
Singaporean secrets.  Businesses, too, can get in on the action at by claiming their page for
free and building out their profile.  


— Onward Singapore!