Yelp: Extreme Home(page) Makeover

Ladies and gents, today it’s with great pride that we are unveiling a complete redesign of our homepage. That’s right, our new and improved formula shines a bright light on the real star of Yelp, YOU!

As Andy Grove once said, complacency breeds failure. And we’ll have absolutely none of that around here, son.

Over the years we’ve seen mobile contributions grow at a rapid clip. Photos, Tips, check-ins and comments from your friends are a fantastic way to find great local businesses. We wanted to bring those to the front and center of and give you an easy way to share and explore your friends’ activity across and Yelp’s mobile apps.

Behold, the new homepage!

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You’ll notice that the new design places a greater emphasis on activity from you and your friends. In addition to long-standing favorites like Review of the Day, Hot New Businesses and Fresh Lists, now you’ll be able to see all sorts of new stuff, including (but not limited to) photos and Tips left by your friends, events they are going to, recent places you’ve checked-in to and Useful, Funny, Cool votes your reviews have received.

And since this is Yelp, you’ll of course be able to send compliments and give other feedback on your friends’ activity right there.

Our team spent a lot of time talking to a bunch of hardcore Yelpers and researching how people used the old homepage. We think you’ll like the new one even more once you’ve had a chance to toy with it.

We’ll be rolling this new homepage out gradually over the next few weeks. Needless to say, we’re excited to hear what you think now that our new homepage is out in the wild.