Yelp Mobile Updates: Lookin’ Good

We’ve all been there: you’re standing on a street corner late at night and you just need a burrito. NOW. When searching for that perfect super carnitas snack, time is of the essence. And so, my burrito-loving friends, the design, speed and utility of our mobile experiences is something we pay very close attention to.  We’re constantly evaluating ways to optimize each pixel of space, especially given the limited screen real estate that we’re working with.

As a point of reference, roughly 40% of all Yelp searches come from our mobile apps. Our team spent a lot of time evaluating what type of information and features are the most popular among our mobile users and has been working hard to improve the user experience.

Up first, our iPhone update: The old design of our business pages has served us well, but it was time for a remodel. We tore it down to the studs and built it back up with an eye on aesthetics and efficiency. We think you’ll find browsing business details, photos, review highlights, reviews and tips far more enjoyable.

And definitely check out the snazzy “pull to view” feature we cooked up. Pull the page down and release to jump right into the the gallery of photos for the business. Like so:



Next up, our mobile website ( The new release, which begins rolling out today, enables users to log into their Yelp account (or sign up for one), view and create bookmarks, and add tips. While basic in functionality, these features and improved user interface are instrumental in deepening mobile engagement with our users. Lots more to come!



Lastly, our new iPad app update allows users to vote on and compliment reviews, upload photos, and edit business information.

We'd love to hear what you think of our new updates. Drop us a line at