Yelp + iPhone + Maps + WWDC = Awesome

At Apple’s WWDC Keynote today, many exciting announcements were shared — including, most importantly, developments to the Yelp & Apple relationship (Hey, it’s our blog. We can be biased 🙂

We’ve talked about some of the ways Apple’s voice-activated personal assistant, Siri, has leveraged Yelp to point you to local businesses. Now with Apple’s latest iOS 6 update, listing information & recommendations on Yelp will become more integrated to not only help you find the best local business to fit your needs, but also help you get there.


Photo Credit: Engadget

iPhone users will enjoy the following benefits to their local search experience:

  • In addition to using Yelp listings when providing local business recommendations, Siri now has even more Yelp content.
  • When searching in Apple’s “Maps” both the Info and Reviews tabs will point you to millions of Yelp listings — and if you click on a specific review, you’ll be taken directly to that review for that business on Yelp.
  • Yelpers around the world will start getting Siri access thanks to Apple’s language updates.
  • Finally, Yelp is already integrated in navigation systems for BMW, Lexus & Mercedes. Now, you can get point to point directions & recommendations with those manufacturers, as well as dozens more with Siri & Yelp.


Photo Credit: Engadget

With approximately 27 million reviews and counting, we’re proud to continue to connect our millions of users to great local businesses — wherever they might be!