Yelp in Your Words: How I Built My Great Reputation

How can you develop a great word of mouth reputation without soliciting reviews? We conducted a recent study which pointed to the fact that customer service can play a huge role. In fact, if a Yelp user mentions good customer service in a review, that particular review is over five times as likely to be a five star review rather than a one star. But what else does it take?

To answer that question, we interviewed several decision makers at businesses with a four star or higher rating on Yelp. Although great customer service was mentioned by virtually everyone we spoke with, responding to reviews, and implementing feedback from customers were also common strategies. As Deb Gilpin, CEO of the Children’s Museum of Phoenix says, “We respond back to someone who takes the time to leave feedback, and we also take it in as a staff, and we [ask] what could we have done differently?”

Watch our latest “Yelp in Your Words” video to hear direct insight from successful businesses who have organically built a great reputation on Yelp.


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