Yelp Chicago Scores Big

Ahh, April in Chicago. For some it means flowers. For some it means better weather. But, for the Yelp Chicago Elite Squad, it means baseball and places to catch the game. It's a good thing that The Scout was ready to host Yelp's Big Pley and allow 200 Elites the chance to pley ball.

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Of course, pleying Yelp-style means eats and drinks. First up to bat was the tuna Tartare with avocado mousse, The Scout's Slider Trio (pot roast with provolone, short rib with horseradish & onion rings and pulled chicken with buffalo sauce) was next, tempura green beans with spicy garlic sauce loaded the bases, and to bring it all home, a selection of The Scout's famous Grilled Cheese monster sandwiches. Elites hit a libation-centered grand slam with signature cocktails from Ketel One and Ketel Oranje served up all night long.

Yelpthescout-39-M Yelpthescout-44-M Yelpthescout-46-M Yelpthescout-48-M

This South Loop hotspot was bumping throughout the night thanks to spinning skills of DJ Cabrera and DJ Fixed. And when guests didn't think they could take anymore, out came the raffle: $100 gift certificate to The Scout and tickets to see everyone's favorite North or South Siders. Sound too good to be true? Mark our words by reading reviews here and checking out photos from Bernard Costa here.

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Johnny T