Yelp in Your Words: The Positive Side of Negative Reviews

What is the positive side of negative reviews? Is there something to gain from negative feedback? According to celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and a group of business owners from across the country, the answer is yes.

While many of the reviews on Yelp are positive or three stars or higher, even the best businesses can get hit with negative reviews. The reason is simple: It’s impossible to please everyone 100% of the time. Hear how these business owners use negative reviews to improve their business and get more customers.

We regularly meet with business owners all over the world to get feedback and ideas on improving Yelp. A common theme has been the need for more tools and resources about best practices on the site.

The Positive Side of Negative Reviews is the inaugural video in our “Yelp in Your Words” series. This series not only features business owner topic suggestions but their own words.