Honolulu Yelpers Take-Off With Yelp’s High Flying Halloween Party

In Honolulu, yelpers take jet-setting very seriously, as 225+ Yelp Elites (& their +1s) came out in costumed garb for Yelp's High Flying Halloween Party at the Pacific Aviation Museum on historic Ford Island! Guests galavanted onto Ford Island via a posh Roberts Hawaii bus and were greeted with Yelp schwag at the check-in table.

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Upon arrival, each and every yelper was blown away by the gorgeous aircraft displays! PF Chang's served up what seemed like a neverending assortment of delicious Bacardi cocktails. While brew master Dave Campbell of Aloha Beer poured cups overflowing with locally brewed draft. Bottoms up!

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DJ Troy Michael got the party started with bumpin' tunes while guests got crafty at a make-your-own monster cupcake station. Party goers stuffed their bellies with an assortment of piping hot, custom stuffed won tons from Paul's Poppers and a bevy of sprinkled and stuffed donuts from the Regal Bakery.

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The fun didn't stop at our stomachs as yeeps battled one another in the Pacific Aviation Museum's flight simulators. The Kreative Photo Booth was on-site for guests to take souvenir photos of their wildly attired evening. The team from T-Mobile was on hand to show-off the brand spanking new Samsung Exhibit II 4G and gave out gift cards to guests.

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The Yelpiest Costume Contest brought out the best and wildest characters from the crowd. With everything from MJ to Gumby, Julia Childs to Pinnochio, Bomber Man to Charlie Sheen, the audience made it's choice with the loudest round of applause for Batman Lego!

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Not only did Batman Lego (aka Elite Les "Bubs" M) walk away with a T-mobile hot spot worth over $175 and the Ultimate Jurassic Park trilogy blue-ray set, but all the glory and bragging rights for a year! Some things are just priceless…

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The party raged on as the Yelp Flash Mob performed their version of Thriller and yelpers showed off their 5-star moves! Want to see who joined the mile high club? Read the high flying reviews, share your times on Talk and check out the stunning event photos by Shoots! Photography

Aloha & SYOY!


Emi H

Community Manager

Yelp Honolulu