Yelp San Diego’s Half Way To St. Paddy’s Day Party

Pots O’ gold, dancing leprechauns, and free flowing full bars? You’re not at an Irish wedding, it’s Yelp San Diego’s Halfway to St. Paddy's Day Party! Literally minutes after the paint dried at McFadden’s first west coast location 500 yelpers took over for an exclusive first look at the Gaslamp’s newest hot spot.

Half way to st. pats1
Garbed in their greenest guests took advantage of tray passed sliders, barbequed ribs, mac and cheese balls, potato wedges, and so much more.  Washed down with whatever ones thirst could imagine it was enough to quench even the most Irish of cravings.

  Half way to st. pats 2 The DJ pumped 80’s tunes, while staff and customers danced atop the freshly installed bars. Though the event officially ended at 8pm, guests couldn't get enough and continued partying into the night. A huge thank you goes out to McFaddens and their staff for showing us St. Paddy’s can be a party whenever you want. To read the reviews, check out this link and click right here to see all the photos (taken by Heidi G).

Half way to st. pattys day 3
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Danny W San Diego Community Manager